As someone who never really expected to reach the age I have reached, almost suddenly I find myself a person of “experience”, a musician with “a wide career” behind him, a locally grown talent whose life, paradoxically, could be seen as “revolving around a fifteen minute radius” - I am someone who has his feet firmly planted in his own community - and that requires a sense of humour.

De rigueur, I have a website - that is what you do nowadays. But it is also something that I wanted to do for myself. I’d prefer to construct my own memorial rather than rely on anyone else to do it for me.

Here the interested can find articles, music, biographies and pictures of what I have done over a career that has lasted several decades. In retirement, I do what I like to do...that is to make music, to deal with musicians either professional or not, to write and to communicate.

That’s my opening gambit and it will be my pleasure if you decide to continue your exploration.

Reviews of Philip Hammond musical work

“Philip Hammond’s setting of three poems by Verlaine was a subtle and beautiful evocation of French impressionism, with a dash of Schoenberg’s symbolist style thrown in. Lore Lixenberg summoned a beautifully ripe sound….” Ivan Hewitt Daily Tel
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Sir James and Lady Galway will be performing my "Carolan Variations" on their tour of the US October/November 2013 with the Irish Chamber Orchestra and JoAnn Falletta
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Miniatures and Modulations includes "The Beardless Boy" which appeared on Michael McHale's recent debut CD album entitled "The Irish Piano". You can see Michael perform it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ7zmd93jKE
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